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Context around the state of the Rated API, as well as prompts to useful resources regarding the Rated API.
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Blockchain infrastructure data is hard to parse and contextualise, yet of increasingly vital importance to the well functioning of the broader ecosystem. The Rated API has been designed to make accessing this wealth of data and building on top of it, easy as pie.
The Rated API has been live since July 2022, and is currently adopted for rewards tracking, performance monitoring and benchmarking, as well as a source of truth, by the likes of Lido, Metamask, Kiln, Chorus One, Stakefish, Obol, Nexus Mutual and an additional 30+ regular enterprise users.
The Rated API in a nutshell.

What the Rated API can do for you

We've built the Rated API to be the most powerful and flexible way out there, to work with infrastructure layer data. With it we serve pools, node operators and referential applications that leverage staking layer data to build delegation, index, insurance, credit and other financial products.
Here's some of the most common ways we see the Rated API being used:
  • Pools: generalised validator active set management, granular rewards accounting, performance benchmarking, deciding levels and enforcing SLAs, monitoring and benchmarking, powering interfaces for constituents.
  • Node operators: rewards accounting, performance benchmarking, redundancy layer for internal monitoring, powering and/or enhancing owned user interfaces.
  • Applications: powering interfaces for delegation products, rewards accounting, pricing insurance and credit, powering information products.
Downstream integrators growing to love the Rated API, as besides being a precise, unbiased and easily accessible source of truth (e.g. see Stakefish v Lido), it enables integrators to do things like aggregate validator indices on the fly, get answers about when withdrawals are about to land in their wallet, and pre-materialize validator sets for easy access to all the granular data that Rated offers.

How to navigate the Rated API documentation

This documentation hub aims to be your trusty resource to getting up to speed with all you need to know to make the most out of using the Rated API.
In this hub, you will find information about:
  • Common Errors and how to handle those
  • How Paginationworks
  • Full API referencetogether with explainers on each of the main pillars of the schema
  • A Glossarywith definitions and context on all the variables that the Rated API returns
  • Details on the different Pricing Plansavailable for the Rated API
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