Self Report

Self-serve API for node operators to report validator operations.

This endpoint is the gateway for node operators to "upload" their sets on the Rated Network Explorer. We now have a streamlined way in place for Node Operators to track their validator sets on the Rated Explorer, in a live way.

You must have an Account with Rated to access this endpoint. Please head to or to create one.

In order to prevent abuse and reduce the risk of legitimising bad actors, you must be approved by Rated in order to access this endpoint. Please head to our Rated Node Operator Onboarding form to request access.

Report validators

Here's how to interpret the inputs required to operate itπŸ‘‡



Array of validator pubkeys associated with the node operator


String for pool name, must match exactly to the pool name listed on the Explorer.

And here's how to you might go about implementing itπŸ‘‡

curl -v -X 'POST' \
  '' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -H 'X-Rated-Network: mainnet' \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer <YOUR-TOKEN-HERE>'
  -d '{"validators": ["0x01...", "0x02..."], "poolTag": "Lido"}'

Please note the following:

  • You can self report on Ethereum Mainnet, Goerli and Holesky.

  • Do not pass your operator name as pool name. If you're not getting delegations via a pool or pool share, please leave the "poolTag" empty.

  • Each request has a strict limit of 1,000 validator public keys. Please submit multiple requests if you need to report more than 1,000 validators.

  • We cannot assign a key to your entity if it has already been reported by another operator. In case of false attribution, please contact us at, and we will address the issue.

  • As this API is self-reported, it relies on the honest behaviour of all participants reporting their validators. Any instances of misconduct may lead to the exclusion of the entity from our platform.

  • It typically takes about 24 hours for the reported keys to appear on Please note that your keys need to be activated (ie not in the activation queue) for them to show up on the Explorer.

  • If your activated keys have not shown up after the 24h period, please contact us at, and we will investigate the issue.

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