What to expect as the Rated API transitions to v1.

The Rated API is evolving!

We are gearing up to let the API out of beta and into v1; a more powerful, flexible, and developer friendly version of the Rated API. At the end state, v1 will offer easy to grok and integrate with schemas, data on multiple networks and agent sets, as well as all the tools integrators need to efficiently and robustly monitor their consumption, manage their organizations and so on.

As part of the v1 rollout, we are also introducing a "value-based exchange" pricing model that has a notion of Compute Units (CUs) at its core. CUs are a metric denoting the computational resources consumed per API request. We feel that CUs are the best way to align the costs with the value that users get from the API, and allow those to scale gracefully with demand.

Learn more about Compute Units in the relevant section of the docs.

Over the course of Q4 2023, we will be slowly rolling out this new model with a phased approach. The table below covers what each of those phases will entail.

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