Libraries and tools for interacting with your Rated integration

The SDK is currently in beta phase. If you find bugs, please open an issue on Github. If you have feature requests or feedback, head to

Rated's Python SDK reduces the amount of work required to use Rated's REST APIs, starting with reducing the boilerplate code you have to write. Below is the installation instructions for this library in Python.


Install using pip:

pip install rated-python


Example: how to get a validator effectiveness rating by pubkey

from rated import Rated
from rated.ethereum import MAINNET

RATED_KEY = "ey..."
r = Rated(RATED_KEY)
eth = r.ethereum(network=MAINNET)
for eff in eth.validator.effectiveness("0x123456789...", from_day=873, size=1): 
    print(f"Day: {}, Eff: {eff.validator_effectiveness}")

>>> Day: 873, Eff: 98.82005899705014

Try this beta SDK and share feedback with us before the features reach the stable phase. To learn more about how to use the beta SDK, head to the readme file in the GitHub repository.

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