Developers FAQ

Frequently asked questions in and around the Rated API.

How do I access the Rated API?

To access the Rated API you will need to head to and create an account.

How is the Rated API structured?

The RatedAPI is adopted for rewards tracking, performance monitoring and benchmarking. Full details can be found under API reference.

How can I use the Rated API for monitoring validator performance on Grafana?

Check out our Rated CLI on github to bring all the information that the Rated API supports, in your local monitoriong suite.

Please remember to contribute back to the main branch if you come up with extensions, bug fixes, new modules etc.

What is the definition of "effectiveness" in the API?

The effectiveness rating (RAVER) is a methodology Rated has proposed for evaluating validator performance in a concise way. The methodology has been through a number of iterations with the community and is widespread by now. For more information on the specifics, please refer to our documentation.

Can I query the API up to a specific granular time (i.e. epoch, slot)?

The API doesn't allow you to specify epoch. Data is pre-aggregated into 225 epoch intervals, so the minimum current granularity is 1 day. The API does offer startEpoch and endEpoch in the response, so that you have visibility of which epochs have been aggregated.

Can I get the current balance of the validator node from the API?

This information is not currently available. We are working on withdrawals and as part of this we are planning a few features related to balances and partial/full withdrawals that will be updated in real-time!

I am trying to use /v0/eth/validators/effectiveness endpoint with granularity set to month, but I get error: "Can't use granularity when grouping by validator." Any suggestions?

The API can aggregate in two ways. Depending on what you are trying to achieve the query params available are different.

  1. timeWindow - Validator data is aggregated in time buckets

    1. Data for validator 1,2 and 3 get aggregated and one row is returned for every day/week/month. Link to example

  2. validator - Daily validator data is aggregated by pubkey/index

    1. Data for validators 1,2,3 get aggregated in one row per validator. The time period to aggregate can be arbitrary. Link to example

My use case requires a higher bandwidth of use than the current rated limit allows. Wat do?

shoot us a note at

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