Withdrawals (beta)

Querying into when a withdrawal is expected to land.

This endpoint is still in beta. If you spot inconsistencies or unexpected results, please get in touch via hello@rated.network or under #product-feedback in our Discord.

The Withdrawals endpoints offer a view into the future, relating to when a set of withdrawals are expected to land. You can use this endpoint to query withdrawals relating to:

  • Pools (e.g. Rocketpool)

  • Operators (e.g. Chorus One)

  • Deposit addresses (e.g. 0x102f792028a56f13d6d99ed4ec8a6125de98582a)

If you are looking for stats on a specific validator index, try querying for its associated deposit address.

Withdrawals predicted by operator

This endpoint gives you information about the expectation of a withdrawal fulfilment, on a per validator index level––such that if an operator is withdrawing multiple validators, the response gives you information on all the validator indices related to the operator.

Here's how to interpret the inputs required to operate it 👇



Start day (integer) or datetime (e.g. from=“2022-12-01”)


End day (integer) or datetime (e.g. from=“2022-12-01”)


The number of results included per page


The size of time increments you are looking to query. Can be day / week / month / quarter / year


hour, day and datetime

Withdrawals predicted by slot

This endpoint is the inverse of the one above. Instead of the subject being an operator, the question is inverted such that the subject is a future slot. The response should return all the validators that are expected to withdraw at the specified slot, along with a bunch of useful information around those.

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