v1 (beta)

Walkthroughs, guides and reference implementation of the v1 schema of the Rated API.

Rated API v1 is being launched in open beta. All testooors are highly appreciated and we look forward to your feedback/bug reports on feedback.rated.network!

Welcome to the Rated API v1 documentation!

As Rated's footprint expands to multiple networks, we are upgrading the Rated API to be more flexible, powerful and friendly to users. v1 assumes a "use case driven" schema, where the subject matter of what a user is querying for becomes a first class citizen.

We will be gradually releasing guides and documentation in this section, as we complete the full rollout of API v1 on Q2 2024. We will be maintaining both v0 and v1, until we sunset v0 in early Q3 2024.

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