A series of endpoint that provide a high level overview of all the different pools, operators, withdrawal/deposit addresses and validator indexes that form the infrastructure layer of Ethereum

Entity Summaries

The Rated API enables users to query into key metrics of pre-materialized entities. This works pretty much as hinted by the Rated Explorer, but with a much higher degree of flexibility in terms of time-frames, and granularity in terms of metrics.

What do you mean by "pre-materialized entities"?

The shortest way to put it, in an Ethereum context, is "groups of validators bound together by agency". This could be:

  1. a pool (e.g. Lido)

  2. a node operator (e.g. Allnodes)

  3. a fraction of a node operator's fleet that maps under a specific pool (e.g. Stakefish under Lido)

  4. a group of validator indices mapped to a specific deposit address (e.g. 0xdd192...)

  5. a group of validator indices mapped to a specific withdrawal address (e.g. 0xdd192...)

If you want to get your entity tracked on Rated, head to https://bit.ly/RatedPoolOnboarding to onboard as a pool or head to Self Report to onboard as a node operator.

Validator Summaries

The validators class is the lowest order of aggregation that the Rated API supports.

What is a "validator"?

A validator is a virtual entity that lives on Ethereum and participates in the consensus of the Ethereum protocol. Validators are represented by a balance, public key, and other properties.

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